Shanghai 2010. Residence Program. Musung Art Gallery.

I have had the opportunity to participate in four programs of residency for artists: Spain , Alcalá del Jucar 2007; China, Beijing , Imagine Gallery , 2008; Shanghai , Musung Art Gallery, 2010 and Korea , Gyeonggi-do. Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, 2011.

In all cases, the experience was marvelous, not only for having the possibility of painting and do exhibitions away from Venezuela, but also because of the cultural exchange that this type of program offers.

Traveling widens the image that we have of the world. Traveling multiplies plastic and creative possibilities.

After three months of work at the workshop of Musung Art Gallery, I did my solo exhibition: MADE IN CHINA in the year 2010. Although, I had always worked with oil on canvas, in this occasion I worked on colored fabric (synthetic silk).

Most of the artwork shown in this exhibition are of ( 120 x 190 cm) format.